- Japan Canada Oilsands Hangingstone Expansion -

In the oil and gas industry, the opportunity to contribute to an expansion project that uses groundbreaking technology to extract resources using natural methods doesn’t come along very often.

The Hangingstone Expansion of the Japan Canada Oilsands site in Alberta’s Athabasca region was as early example of experimentation with environmentally friendly technology called SAGD between 1983 and 1994. SAGD, or steam-assisted gravity drainage, uses two horizontal wells to heat oil, lowering its viscosity and creating an easier-flowing resource that requires less energy to extract.

Four Directions Resources was proud to be part of the cyclic steam technology’s pilot project, aiding in the development of what is now a widely-used method of extraction that has less of an impact on the environment than traditional methods.

The implementation of SAGD technology by Japan Canada Oilsands and their belief in cost-effective methods, and long-term energy and resource production, directly coincided with Four Directions Resources’ mission statement and values.