- Aurora Mine Relocation Project -

The only aspect of oil extraction in northern Alberta more important than getting the resource out of the ground is keeping the site clean and environmentally friendly.

The Aurora Mine, owned by Syncrude, was relocated in 2013 with assistance from Four Directions Resources. The project involved replacing and moving infrastructure and equipment to a new site and cleaning up the existing site, Lake Mildred, to the point where new trees vegetation could be safely planted.

It was crucial to the staff at Four Directions Resources to clean up waste left from the original Aurora North site by using ground penetrating radar to measure remaining resources in the ground. Four Directions Resources conducted disposition surveys of the new site while also ensuring proper machine control to oversee the cleaning up process of the old site. A new plant was required to separate the residual sand, clay and residual bitumen from the site so the region can support both natural and man-made growth and development in the future. 

Four Directions Resources was proud to contribute to a project that saw efficiency improved at Aurora while also working to help eliminate the impact the old site had on the environment.